Our Staff

Customer Service is our highest priority and that begins with good leadership by a knowledgable and well-trained management team. For assistance, please contact anyone on our management staff, listed below:

John Puryear  
President & Owner

B.S in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Tel: 615-452-8948 x102
E-mail: johnpuryear@puryearfarms.com


Ross-Heinen-c.jpg                                                                                      Ross Heinen
Operations Manager

B.S in Agriculture with emphasis in horticulture
Western Kentucky University

Tel: 615-452-8948 x104
E-mail: rossheinen@puryearfarms.com



Matthew Zarichansky
Asst. Operations Manager

Assc Degree in Specialized Technologies
Int. Cul. Inst / Pittsburgh

Tel: 615-452-8948 x109
E-mail: matthewZ@puryearfarms.com



Marvin-Michael-c.jpg                                                                                 Michael Marvin
Senior Account Manager

B.S in Human Resource Management
Western Kentucky University

Tel: 615-452-8948 x112
E-mail: michaelmarvin@puryearfarms.com


                                                                                      Seth Tennant
Account Manager

B.S in Agriculture - Plant & Soil Science
University of Tennessee - Martin

Tel: 615-452-8948 x114
E-mail: sethtennant@puryearfarms.com


                                                                                             Jonathan Schaeffer
Account Manager

BS Degree in Management
Morehead State University
/ Kentucky
Tel: 615-452-8948 x115
E-mail: jonathanschaeffer@puryearfarms.com


Tara Piergies-Baker
Landscape Designer

B.S. Degree in Landscape Architecture
Rutgers University

Tel: 615-452-8948 x116
E-mail: tarabaker@puryearfarms.com