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Puryear Farms

Who We Are

Since opening its doors in 1991, Puryear Farms has evolved into a full-service landscape company that serves a large region northeast of Nashville. The company offers a comprehensive menu of services including landscape design/build, property grounds maintenance, turf health management, plant installation, irrigation, hardscapes, outdoor lighting, and snow removal.

Today, Puryear Farms employs over 60 full-time employees. John Puryear, company founder and CEO, attributes the growth and success of the business to his dedicated staff of landscape professionals. A strong commitment to customer service and quality workmanship has developed a loyal base of residential and commercial clients that continues to grow. Despite continued growth over the years, Puryear Farms remains a family-owned operation with a distinct family atmosphere that provides the special care, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge needed to create and maintain unique landscape environments in Middle Tennessee.

Our Mission

To provide quality landscape services for our clients, while providing growth opportunities for our employees, in a professional, sustainable manner.

Our Core Values

  • Family Atmosphere | Working together to achieve goals.
  • Optimism | Confidence about the future or successful outcome.
  • Respect | Treating others as you wish to be treated
  • Work Ethic | Taking pride in the quality of your work.
  • Accountability | Dependable, accurate, and taking responsibility for actions.
  • Results Oriented | Measures quality, efficiency, profitability, & customer satisfaction.
  • Diligence | Constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken.

Who We Serve

Since 1991, the team at Puryear Farms has taken pride in being a leader in the landscape industry for the Middle TN region northeast of Nashville.

Grounds Maintenance

Mowing Services

With regular training in best industry practices, our professional mowing teams provide property owners with distinct advantages. Blades are exchanged every other day to ensure sharp, clean cuts which reduces turf stress and turf health problems. Also, by alternating the direction of the cut throughout the growing season, soil compaction and thatch buildup are reduced. As the season progresses, technicians at an optimal height. The result: the consistent, impressive appearance of healthy, professionally-maintained turf.

Your Complete Maintenance Solution

To meet your needs, Puryear Farms offers a full spectrum of services so that you can make a single call for all of your property maintenance needs. We understand that our role is to prevent or solve issues so that you don’t have to. We use the latest technologies to provide improved communication and create proposals and change orders in the send it to the client for approval. Issues can be photo documented and electronically attached to a work ticket for immediate communication with the crew. Furthermore, our trucks are all equipped with GPS tracking scheduling. This enhanced communication system translates directly into improved outcomes and increases client satisfaction.

  • Shrub Bed Maintenance

    Our proactive approach to shrub bed maintenance protects your landscape investment. With regular training with the knowledge to detect potential issues and take the necessary actions to ward off problems in order to keep your plant materials healthy and in peak condition. Weed management is addressed through a combination of preventative and mechanical measures.

  • Pruning Services

    For best health and appearance of plants, pruning is a crucial task that we train our crews to expertly perform. Employees are taught the critical difference between shaping and pruning and when to apply each measure, depending on the species and the owner’s preferences. We recommend four separate pruning events per year for your property.

  • Robotic Mowing

    We pride ourselves on providing top-notch, professional personnel to meet our clients’ grounds maintenance needs but, when possible, we also strive to incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and enhance performance. Puryear Farms currently offers robotic mowing equipment and other innovative resources to provide solutions to unique challenges on some sites.

Additional Services


Keeping your turf areas properly fertilized and weed-free requires the right type of application at the right time. Puryear Farms is proud to offer fertilization, weed management, and pest control programs that will keep your grass vibrant all year.

  • Round1

    Feb - Mid March

    Nitrogen fertilizer with pre- & post-emergent herbicide to control winter weeds and prevent crabgrass.
  • Round2

    Mid March - April

    Fertilizer blend with pre-emergent for extended summer weed control.
  • Round3

    April - Mid June

    Blended fertilizer with iron and pre-and post-emergent herbicide for summer weed control.
  • Round4

    Mid June - Mid Aug

    Blended fertilizer with iron and specialized herbicide for late summer weeds.
  • Round5

    Mid Aug - Mid Oct

    Balanced fertilizer specifically designed for root development.
  • Round6

    Mid Oct - Nov

    High nitrogen fertilizer designed to promote winter nutrient storage.

Tree Trimming and
Stump Removal

When a tree’s condition becomes a concern, Puryear Farms is ready to help. We will diagnose the situation and take all necessary steps to maximize the health of the tree and the safety of the area. Whether you need routine trimming or emergency tree removal, Puryear Farms will coordinate the process and see to it that it is done in a timely manner by reliable insured subs. If total removal is needed, we can grind down the stump and prepare the space for other use.

Irrigation Service

We understand that an optimized, well-maintained irrigation system is an important part of any successful landscape. When the system does not function properly, repairs must be made promptly. Puryear Farms has three highly trained service technicians solely dedicated to responding to irrigation service calls for troubleshooting and repairing systems. We can respond on-site to most calls within 48 hours, allowing you peace of mind that your system will be quickly functional again and your landscape investment protected. We also offer weekend emergency response, making our irrigation service department one of the most responsive and organized available in Middle Tennessee.

Core Aeration & Seeding

Core aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the turf to increase aeration of the soil. In order for turf fertilization programs to be effective, lawns must have access to nutrients and air, as well as room for the roots to expand.

This procedure adjusts the physical makeup of your turf area and sets the stage for healthier, more resilient turf. Overseeding replenishes the turf and helps the lawn to recover from summer stress.

Snow & Ice Removal

In the event of severe winter weather, Puryear Farms is fully prepared with the manpower, equipment, and plentiful inventory of ice melt products to keep your paved surfaces clear of snow and ice.

We maintain two trained snow removal teams on standby, as well as snow plows and other necessary equipment, to respond any time of day to this emergency situation. Our crews will work through the night to ensure your safety.


Seasonal Color

By offering up to four seasonal color rotations, we can showcase your property by emphasizing high impact areas. Puryear Farms realizes that the selection of colors and varieties for a client’s property is a highly personal matter, so we customize that selection through clear communication with decision makers.

We have a solid reputation for producing outstanding displays of seasonal color for our customers. This is due to the fact that we have installation procedures in place for our employees to follow in order to ensure consistent and uniform results.

We Offer Long-Term Landscape Solutions

Your property and its health and appearance are a major investment, no matter the size. Enhancing that investment is our specialty. Our trained staff will provide suggestions and pricing to help protect and improve your landscape investment over time.

  • Mulching

    Mulching is as much utilitarian for your property as it is aesthetic. Adding a fresh layer of mulch conserves moisture in the ground and protects roots from changes in soil temperature. Think of it as optimal insulation for your shrubs and plants.
  • Plant Additions

    We are equipped to tackle small renovations to existing landscape, large additions to properties, and every project in between. Our knowledgeable horticulturists and nursery staff can provide you with outstanding plant materials that will be installed with precision and care by our trained crews.
  • Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting can enhance properties in many ways. Low voltage lighting can provide security to properties while enhancing the beauty and appearance of landscapes at night. Puryear Farms uses the latest technology with cloud-based controllers and energy-efficient LED fixtures to provide the best experience in controlling and maintaining your outdoor lighting.
Landscape Construction

Landscape Installation and Construction

Puryear Farms has the equipment and manpower to execute any size landscape installation project within budget and on schedule. Additionally, many of the plant materials are grown or stored here in our nursery. This allows us to closely monitor plant materials in a protected environment until your site is ready for installation. This unique feature – an extensive container and field nursery – sets us apart from our competition and enables us to execute jobs in a timely, efficient manner.

Hardscapes: Pavers and Surfaces

Puryear Farms can provide durable hardscape surfaces ranging from permeable pavers to natural stone surfaces. Our staff is ICPI certified and our installation crews receive ongoing training on a regular basis.

Segmented Retaining Walls

We have the equipment, resources, and experience to construct any size retaining wall utilizing a wide range of products to meet your needs. We can provide the engineered drawings and navigate the permitting process to move your project forward on schedule and within budget.

Irrigation Installation

Using SMART controllers and water efficient products, Puryear Farms designs and installs large-scale irrigation systems that protect your landscape investment with long-term operating costs in mind. We offer the latest in irrigation technology, such as remote monitoring and continual adjustments to the watering schedule based on weather conditions and site-specific data. Our systems can reduce your operating costs by as much as 30%.

Bio-Retention and Drainage & Erosion Control Systems

Our highly trained staff can provide the expertise required to install stormwater bio-retention systems to deal with surface water runoff in compliance with rapidly changing regulations. We can also design and install complex drainage systems and erosion control solutions to overcome water-related challenges on your site.