Certification earned in stormwater control measures inspection and maintenance

October 21, 2019

 Why is SCM Inspection and Maintenance Needed?

Communities across Tennessee must manage rainfall that runs off roads, streets and parking lots. This runoff is called stormwater. To manage stormwater, many treatment devices, called SCM, have been built. These measures include dry and wet retention ponds, bioretention areas, vegetated swales, permeable pavement, rainwater harvesting systems and proprietary devices. SCM must have annual inspection and maintenance to perform as intended. Maintenance includes water quality functions, landscape functionsand consideration of impact on human health and safety. Many communities across Tennessee are now requiring annual inspection, and if called for, maintenance of SCM. SCM are not managed as landscape features, they are water quality treatment devices, and specialized training is needed to perform inspection and maintenance activities. This service should be performed by individuals who hold a certification in stormwateter control measures inspection and maintenance.

Puryear Farms has certified stormwater inspectors on staff

Ross Heinen (Operations Manager) and Seth Tennant (Sales Associate) recently completed the the Stormwater Control Measures Inspection and Maintenance workshop. This is a two day foundation building course for individuals responsible for the inspection and maintenance of permanent stormwater management practices. The course is for design professionals, engineers and landscape architects, landscape and other green industry professionals; and inspection personnel from all levels of government. The SCM I&M course aims to build a solid working knowledge of proper operation and maintenance of permanent stormwater measures. Topics include the permanent stormwater management requirements in the MS4 general permit; the function, inspection and maintenance of key SCMs based on the new permanent stormwater manual; and annual inspection and reporting requirements by owners/operators of permanent SCMs. The SCM I&M course provides a Certification with 12 PDHs upon successful completion of a certification exam The SCM I&M certification is valid for 3 years.


Ross Heinen (Operations Mgr)                Seth Tennant (Sales associate)

We provide cost effective solutions to problems

Our trained staff are certified in stormwater control measures inspection and maintenance. We conduct routine inspection and  provide cost effective solutions to problems as well as implementation of those recommendations. Contact us today at 615-452-8948 for a free consultation and proposal for services. We service the area on the Northeast side of Nashville and our trained knowledgeable staff remain up to date on local regulations.