Grounds Maintenance

To meet your needs, Puryear Farms offers a full spectrum of services so that you can make a single call for all of your property maintenance needs. We understand that our role is to prevent or solve issues so that you don’t have to. We use the latest technologies to provide improved communication and increased efficiency.

  • Project managers can create proposals and change orders in the field via their mobile devices and quickly send it to the client for approval.
  • Issues can be photo documented and electronically attached to a work ticket for immediate communication with the crew.
  • Our trucks are all equipped with GPS tracking which allows for monitoring and efficient scheduling. This enhanced communication system translates directly into improved outcomes and increases client satisfaction.

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Mowing Services

With regular training in best industry practices, our professional mowing teams provide property owners with distinct advantages. Blades are exchanged every other day to ensure sharp, clean cuts which reduces turf stress and turf health problems. Also, by alternating the direction of the cut throughout the growing season, soil compaction and thatch buildup are reduced. As the season progresses, technicians monitor site conditions and adjust to maintain turf at an optimal height. The result: the consistent, impressive appearance of healthy, professionally-maintained turf.

Photo of commercial grounds maintenance

Shrub Bed Maintenance

Our proactive approach to shrub bed maintenance protects your landscape investment. With regular training in weed and pest identification, our crews are equipped with the knowledge to detect potential issues and take the necessary actions to ward off problems in order to keep your plant materials healthy and in peak condition. Weed management is addressed through a combination of preventative and mechanical measures.

Pruning Services

For best health and appearance of plants, pruning is a crucial task that we train our crews to expertly perform. Employees are taught the critical difference between shaping and pruning and when to apply each measure, depending on the species and the owner’s preferences. We recommend four separate pruning events per year for your property:

Allowing Puryear Farms to professionally prune and trim trees and shrubs ensures not only your safety, but a result that is consistent with your intentions and desires.

Tree Trimming and Stump  Removal

When a tree’s condition becomes a concern, Puryear Farms is ready to help. We will diagnose the situation and take all necessary steps to maximize the health of the tree and the safety of the area. Whether you need routine trimming or emergency tree removal, Puryear Farms will coordinate the process and see to it that it is done in a timely manner by reliable insured subs. If total removal is needed, we can grind down the stump and prepare the space for other use.

Robotic Mowing

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch, professional personnel to meet our clients’ grounds maintenance needs but, when possible, we also strive to incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and enhance performance. Puryear Farms currently offers robotic mowing equipment and other innovative resources to provide solutions to unique challenges on some sites.

Puryear Farms helps to maintain your property by taking care of those routine necessities. Our maintenance solutions are created to fit your budget and enhance your landscape investments.

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