Turf Health Care

Turf Fertilization, Weed, and Pest Management

Keeping your turf areas properly fertilized and weed-free requires the right type of application at the right time. Puryear Farms is proud to offer fertilization, weed management, and pest control programs that will keep your grass vibrant all year.

Our turf health care services include the following:

  • Nutrient management┬áprogram throughout the year in multiple applications.
  • Weed management using organic and inorganic approaches.
  • Deep core aeration of lawn areas
  • Overseeding of cool-season turfgrasses
  • Leaf removal in the fall
  • Turfgrass disease management and treatment
  • Monitoring and adjusting the rate of irrigation application to the turf.

Round 1

Feb – Mid March
Nitrogen fertilizer with pre- & post-emergent herbicide to control winter weeds and prevent crabgrass.

Round 2

Mid March – April
Fertilizer blend with pre-emergent for extended summer weed control.

Round 3

April – Mid June
Blended fertilizer with iron and pre and post-emergent herbicide for summer weed control.

Round 4

Mid June – Mid Aug
Blended fertilizer with iron and specialized herbicide for late summer weeds.

Round 5

Mid Aug – Mid Oct
Balanced fertilizer specifically designed for root development.

Round 6

Mid Oct – Nov
High nitrogen fertilizer designed to promote winter nutrient storage.

Core Aeration and Seeding

Core aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the turf to increase aeration of the soil. In order for turf fertilization programs to be effective, lawns must have access to nutrients and air, as well as room for the roots to expand.

This procedure adjusts the physical makeup of your turf area and sets the stage for healthier, more resilient turf. Overseeding replenishes the turf and helps the lawn to recover from summer stress.

Our reputation is built on the appearance of your property.

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