Bioretention Seminar held at Puryear Farms

August 1, 2019

The need for bioretention measures

In cooperation with the City of Gallatin, Puryear Farms hosted a luncheon and seminar on the subject of Bioretention practices. These methods retain stormwater runoff onsite and to use natural filtering methods to remove pollutants and sediments in our streams. As a result, the water quality of our rivers and lakes downstream improves. Conventional water detention methods only sought to detain, and then slowly release, stormwater downstream. However, Bioretention methods take a more holistic natural approach to solving the problem. They capture, and deal with, the first one inch of rainfall onsite. They also use natural measures and vegetation to remove impurities in the runoff water. These relatively new bioretention requirements provide tremendous benefits to our community. However, they also have a significant impact on the rising cost of development.

Bringing experts together at the table

The City of Gallatin has adopted a stormwater ordinance in compliance with TDEC’s minimum requirements. Representatives from the city  included Lance Wagner P.E., Jennifer Watson CPESC, and Brian Reifschneider PLS. These experts administer this relatively new program. As it is still in the infancy stages, many of the rules and regulations are still changing. These experts, from the city, presented the information to a diverse group of Engineers and Landscape Architects who work in the area. They discussed the permitting process as well as challenges encountered to date. Attendees included representatives from Ragan-Smith associates, Civil Site Design, Kimley-Horn, GreenLID Design, Cumberland Landesign, City of Gallatin, and Puryear Farms

The power of collaboration

We all share the goals of creating a more sustainable healthy environment and protecting our water resources. These professionals explored creative ways to achieve these goals. Throughout the meeting, we also discussed options to accomplish this in the most cost effective manner.  The challenge is in finding the best approach without driving up the cost of development to a point where first time home buyers are unable to enter the market. Nor do we want businesses to incur high costs which must be passed on to the end user. We discussed challenges ranging from design all the way through to execution as well as long term maintenance. The synergy of this type of meeting creates an environment in which solutions are offered to control stormwater runoff and improve water quality. This meeting brought together a wealth of experience at the table which helps us improve both processes and outcomes.

Experts get the job done right

Puryear Farms is an industry leader in adopting innovative approaches to bioretention applications and helping the community create a sustainable future.  However, we also understand that managing costs is an equally important objective in maintaining a high quality of life in our community. In an effort to provide our clients with the greatest value, Puryear Farms has certified stormwater inspectors on staff.  This training and certification positions us to serve our community in this important capacity. Consequently, we have the equipment, staff, and resources to complete any size project on schedule and within budget. Our training and experience enables us to provide value engineered solutions to reduce the cost and improve the outcomes. Call us today, at 615-452-8948, for a free consultation and quote for services.