Landscape Industry certification earned by Puryear Farms

September 1, 2019

A true professional never stops learning

Puryear Farms employees have earned their landscape industry certification. Albert Einstein once said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. Similarly, the mark of a true professional is that they never stop learning. At Puryear Farms, we place a heavy emphasis on training and development of all of our staff members.  That is why we challenged our management staff to earn their landscape industry certification status. This is a program offered by NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals). The certification levels vary in difficulty and scope. They include; Landscape industry certified manager, exterior technician, Horticulture technician, interior technician, Lawn care manager, and lawn care technician. Earning this certification requires a passing score on a rigorous four hour proctored exam. This achievement demonstrates a distinguished level of professionalism and demonstrates a professional’s dedication to exhibiting superior knowledge in their field. Currently, less than 1% of landscape professionals working in the United States are industry certified.

Puryear Farms employees accept the challenge

Our operations manager, Ross Heinen, was the first to accept the challenge and complete the landscape industry certified manager exam.  This rigorous four hour exam covered the latest management strategies and demonstrates a thorough  knowledge of customers, finance, operations, marketing, people management, and strategic planning. Ross always leads by example and this case was no exception. He demonstrated to others in the company that this is a worthy and attainable goal they can all reach. Subsequently, our C.E.O. and founder, John Puryear,  also earned his landscape industry certification. Both men are industry leaders and  always always seek to further their education. This also distinguishes the company  as an organization which places a very high value on knowledge and employee development. At the time of this posting, less than twenty professionals across the state of Tennessee have earned their Landscape industry certification through NALP.



Professionalism is important to our customers

When customers make the decision to spend their hard earned dollars, they need assurance that they are dealing with professionals. Customers should carefully interview a prospective contractor before doing business with them. They should check references, see examples of their work, and even visit the company’s base of operations to meet their employees. Otherwise, purchasing decisions are only based on comparing price, which is often a poor measure of determining value. Our existing customers know Puryear Farms by our long standing good reputation in the community. However, new customers have not had the benefit of that experience. The badge of NALP certification is an additional guarantee to a customer that when you deal with Puryear Farms, you are dealing with the best in the industry.  Call us today at 615-452-8948 for a free consultation and quote for services.